Using Video for the Church

Video is an engaging way to connect with people visiting your church website.

With most mobile phones able to record video that is far superior to the quality of most video cameras 10 years ago, it is now much easier to record your events and share them.  Video can of course be used for showing the Sunday service, but it could also be used for a range of different reasons such as:

  • to invite people to an Alpha course
  • for the minister to share a weekly 2 minute message
  • to show weekly notices
  • to show part of your Christmas service
  • church building project
  • to welcome people to your website
  • to show baptisms

Video can add an extra dimension to your church website and with sites such as YouTube or Vimeo, it is relatively easy to add video.

With both Vimeo and YouTube, a bit of HTML code is given everytime a video is uploaded which then allows the video to be embedded within your church website.  By embedding the video in your church web page, the video will appear on your site whilst still retaining the useful tools of YouTube or Vimeo such as fast-forward and full screen.

When recording video, the file sizes tend to be very large but YouTube and Vimeo overcome this by compressing the files to make them much smaller and so quicker to download and watch.

Click below for tutorials and examples of both Vimeo and YouTube.

Vimeo Tutorial             YouTube tutorial