Tech Soup

To register with TechSoup, follow the steps below:

It is important that this is carried out by someone who is an employee or office holder within the charity, third parties will not be dealt with.

On the welcome page, click "Choose Your Country"

Select 'United Kingdom' from the drop down menu and click the orange arrow which will take you to the tt-exchange website.

Click 'getting started' in the top menu to begin the registration process

It is worth reading the notes before you continue, to make sure you have all the information you need and that you meet their requirements.  Once you're happy with this, select 'Charity Commission' in the dropdown menu on the right and click 'Submit'

You now need to enter your registered Charity Number, this has to be the same number the Charity Commision has for you.  Once you've entered the number, click 'Submit'.

As long as the Charity Number is valid, you will see a confirmation page.  You will need to click 'Create a personal user account'.

You will then need to create your own account which is why this needs to be completed by an employee or office holder of the charity.

Once you have completed your personal account, you will be able to register the charity and you will receive a 'Validation Token' which you can enter on the Google application page.

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