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How, Why and Where to use QR Codes

Chances are, we’ve all seen a QR code somewhere. Whether it’s on an event poster, a business card or even in a supermarket! QR codes (short for Quick Response Code) are composed of small black squares on a white background. Each of these squares contains encoded information, such as weblinks, Contact information or App Download links.  

QR codes can be incredibly easy and helpful ways for churches to share information with their congregation, without needing reams of paper or leaflets. Generally they’re easy to access too, all you need is a contemporary smartphone with a camera, or a QR reading app. QR Codes are not Hyperlinks, so you don’t need to use them on your website to link elsewhere, however they can be brilliant for physical or singular materials to direct to electronic or digital resources. 

What does this mean for your church?

QR codes can be used in a number of brilliant ways, to both help you advertise your events, but also to streamline your branding and sign-posting.

Here’s a few tips on where you could use a QR code to help your congregation.

  • Pew Sheets: 

If you regularly produce notices on printouts to distribute throughout the church, why not consider adding a QR code? This could link to the church’s website, where the reader could find a digital version of the notices, or even find greater detail for each notice. This would allow you to cut down on paper used and potentially wasted. 

  • Online Giving: 

During your services (or also on your pew sheet / printed notices) you may wish to provide the option for people to donate to a particular cause. It might be your regular offerings or collection, or perhaps you’re collecting for a specific cause. If you’re using iKnow Church, you can add a Giving Page to your website. You can then produce a QR code for that page and display it on a large projection screen, or on your notice sheet, giving people who aren’t able to donate with cash to participate in the collection too. 

  • Connect / Get to know us: 

Many churches use forms to collect information about visitors to their church, or people who are wanting to connect with the church. Historically these have predominantly been printed and paper based. However, if you’re using iKnow Church or managing your contacts electronically, why not create a digital form? You could use a QR code to link to this form so that visitors are able to complete it on their mobile phone, either whilst they’re at the church or at home, and submit it with ease. 



So how do you go about setting up QR codes?

Whilst there are many different providers which can be used to generate a QR code, the easiest and best way we’ve found is simply by using the web-browser Google Chrome. Within Chrome you’re able to produce your QR code, download it and then add it to any documents or files that you need. 

Using Google Chrome, simply right click anywhere on the webpage you wish to link to (note, this won’t work if your cursor is over an image). In the drop down menu, select ‘Create QR code for this page’ 

Simply click ‘Download’ 


In closing

Whilst QR codes can be brilliant, they can also be anonymous, which is why we would recommend caution when scanning or accessing any QR codes. We suggest only scanning QR codes from trusted sources to avoid potential security risks or scams.


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