August 2017 Updates


These are the latest updates that have been applied to all Church Edit websites.


Our main update involves the design builder. We've completely redesigned the design engine of Church Edit allowing for greater synergy between the templates and the homepage styles.

To access the new design module go to Settings > Design where you will be able to choose a template, then select a layout, then choose your homepage widgets.  The designs of the homepage widgets will complement the template you have chosen for your site.

Church Website Designs

If you have previously used our homepage builder then don't worry, this is still available. Just go to Settings and click on Advanced Design at the bottom.

Web Pages

Page Ordering

When a folder has multiple web pages within it then it has always been possible to order these pages alphabetically or by date.  However sometimes a church has wanted to move an individual page to a particular place in the folder. This is now possible to do on an individual folder by editing the folder options and choosing Custom Order.  When you add / edit a page you will now see a drop down where you will be able to select the position that this page should have within the folder. 

Please note that this option only shows within pages where the folder has more than one page.

Last Updated Date 

You can now show the last updated date on your page. Just go to Web Pages > Page Options. 

Church Edit has always been able to store the most popular formats of files such as PDF, Word and JPEG. We've now updated the search engine to  include the searching of these files uploaded to a website. Matching files will now appear in the search result alongside any matching web pages.