Since the dawn of audio recorders, churches have been recording their sermons audibly, there is no doubt in the benefits that this brings. It allows the church to keep historical records for future generations and it allows current members to listen to services again during the week. Recording services is a profitable activity for the church, this is certain.

Younger generations however are no longer being brought up with physical records. Music, films and even books are now cloud-based, accessed via the internet or downloaded and stored on computers and mobile devices. 

Podcasts are the next step in recording church services and an advancing development that can profit the church on a global scale.

Of course, this is not only restricted to the young members of church, whilst they may have been early adopters of this technological development, the benefits of podcasts and cloud-based software stretch every generation, particularly as we see the rise of older groups utilising mobile devices.

This progress in technology brings with it far greater opportunities than the humble tape or CD recording, it opens the message of an individual church up to the world. By creating podcasts, anyone in any part of the world can access the teachings of your church.

Podcasts give the church a huge advantage in an increasingly globalised world. 

Providing service podcasts, the church can enable its members to listen to a service again should a particular message resonate with them, providing the ability to delve further into it during the week. Or should they not have been able to attend a particular service, they can readily find the weeks service online via their computer or mobile device. This is particularly beneficial for groups that meet mid-week!

Podcasts also open up the ability for church members to share the message easily via email or social media, opening up the gospel further to those who may not yet attend a church.

There are many reasons why churches should utilise this technology to make their sermons available via podcasts, if you would like to know more about podcasts or need help in getting started, you can find information on our tips pages, or you can give our team a call and we would be happy to help you.

You may also want to consider using iKnow Church, our sister solution, providing church management software. With iKnow, it is easy to create and manage iTune podcasts all from one easy to use system. 

Our team are always happy to provide help should you need it, please email us on or call us on 0121 651 1120