Keeping your church website fresh and up to date


Your church website is the window to the world and may be the first port of call for potential members to find out more about your church.  If your news or content is outdated then visitors will switch off and go elsewhere.  Keeping a fresh and updated website is important for many reasons:

  • It shows that your church still exists and your content is relevant.
  • It’s important for SEO - Search Engines carry out frequent indexing and will crawl through new content.
  • Search Engines reward websites that have fresh content regularly as they know it will be a relevant site to go to when recognised details are entered into the search criteria.
  • It keeps your audience informed and updated and will encourage more return website visitors which become loyal followers and members of your church.

Keeping your church website fresh may only take an hour or so a week, it doesn’t have to be difficult it's just a case of choosing the most appropriate method for your church website.

Here are some ideas which you might want to use:

  • Create a blog 
  • Create News pages 
  • Client Testimonials 
  • Adding videos 
  • Adding Sermons 
  • Promote Fundraising Events 

Regular website visitors feel rewarded when they see updated content and will be encouraged to return again and again.  Be a website to go to for local information about your parish, community, or town.

The more active your website is, the more activity it can generate, connecting to communities and social networks - people liking, sharing your website pages whether it be news articles, services, events or sermons, your website is your shop window.