Using your website to recruit volunteers

Like most churches, you will rely on volunteers to carry out the different tasks on a Sunday such as welcoming, flowers and refreshments.

You may also have multiple jobs that need doing throughout the week such as gardening or cleaning and like many churches are struggling for people to volunteer for these roles.

The statistics vary from church to church but many find that it is 20% of people doing all the work which can often be frustrating to both these volunteers and the church leadership.

Encouraging people to volunteer

It may be that attendees to the church are not always aware of the different tasks that need fulfilling each week. You may ask for volunteers to contact your minister/church office but often people will forget to do this.

A way of encouraging volunteers is to print out forms detailing the roles available and have this on every seat in the church so people can fill this out and hand it in before they leave the church.

Another way is to use your website and list the different jobs that need fulfilling. Ideally your website will be visited regularly by your church members and from here you can promote the jobs that need doing. If you have discussion forums on your site then this another way to highlight the need for volunteers.

Obviously a lot of tasks should only be filled by church members or regular attendees which is why making a form member-only can ensure only members see it.

An example of a webform for recuiting volunteers:

Example form for recruiting volunteers