Sharing ownership for your church website

The most difficult part of maintaining a church website, is writing the text for the different web pages and then keeping this up to date.  However, once the content has been written then it is quite easy to paste this into Church Edit or whatever software you use to create your website.

The responsibility for a church website can often fall to just one person to not only update the site, but also write the content as well.  By doing it this way  it means that one person has to know all about the different activities in the church. Maybe it is you that is experiencing this for your church!

At Church Edit we recommend that different people in the church take responsibility for various parts of the website and ‘own’ their section. This means for example that the Sunday School leader will ‘own’ the Sunday School page. It doesn’t mean that he or she has to physically update the webpage, but they would provide the updated text to the webmaster.

By encouraging ownership of the different areas of the site your church will be sharing responsibility of keeping the website up to date and prevent it from having to rely on just the one person.  And who else is better to write the Sunday School page than the Sunday School Leader! It will then be up to them to send any web page updates to the web editor who can then easily copy and paste the changes into the website.

Why not write a list today of the different pages in your site and who could be responsible for ensuring that they contain relevant and up to date information.

If you use Church Edit to create your website then you can give access to members of your church to update their own webpage.