Planning your first church website

The Internet is a powerful tool that has great reach and potential but many Churches do not yet see the power of the world wide web and so can miss opportunities to reach people both within the church and outside.

This guide is for churches that are thinking about their first web site and should help to answer the 'why should we have a website?' question that some congregation members may have.

Some churches have made the mistake of not having a website because not enough of their church members have internet access. Whilst this may reduce the enthusiasm of having a website, it should not be the reason why you do not have a website. Another reason why some churches say they do not need a website is that the church is too small and so does not need a website.

With both of these questions, the answer that we at Church Edit give from years of experience in working with churches is that this should not be a consideration when deciding on a church website.

Your website could be one of the greatest evangelism tools and has the potential to reach hundreds, even thousands of people who do not go to your church yet.

Churches may have survived and grown for 2000 years without this technology, but now that the internet has become so predominant in today’s society, it has also become the main way in which people find a new church. We have had many testimonies from Church Edit customers who have told us how people who have moved into a new area have searched the web for local churches and then subsequently become members of the church after finding them on the web. Your website can cause your church to grow!

Here are some other practical tips for planning your first church website and getting those reluctant members on board!

  • encourage different members to own parts of the website - if people within the church are responsible for writing parts of the website (ie Coffee Morning leader writes their own webpage) then it is going to encourage ownership of the website and a feeling that everyone is involved (see the website tips article on church website ownership)
  • audio sermons - adding your sermons online will greatly reduce the number of tapes and cds produced each week saving time and money. Your services can be online within a few minutes or recording making them available very quickly
  • publicise events - all the events that your church runs can be placed on the website so people within your local community can easily see and join in with your activities
  • outreach - your church website will be another way to reach the lost in your local community
  • low-cost - once you have created a web page there are no duplication costs - your message can be seen by anyone around the world
  • try Church Edit for a year - it is very unlikely that after a year your church will not have seen the huge benefits of having a church website so why not try Church Edit today

A Church website does not have to difficult to update - with Church Edit you will have THE easiest way of having a professional website. No technical knowledge is required - if you can use a computer mouse then you will be able to update a Church Edit website - why not try a free 45 day church website today.