Church Edit prices

Church Edit is available for a low monthly or annual fee - there are no hidden costs and the prices include all hosting and any technical support should you require it.

There are two packages to choose from - Church Edit and Church Edit ProChurch Edit Pro includes interactive member features - to see these prices please click here.

Prices start at just £175 (includes VAT) per year and there are different price plans based on how many website editors you require (you can give access to different people to update the website).

All prices include VAT at the current rate.

Website Editors 1 5 10 15
Unlimited webpages Yes Yes Yes Yes
Photos Yes Yes Yes Yes
Calendar Yes Yes Yes Yes
Daily Message Yes Yes Yes Yes
Catalogue Yes Yes Yes Yes
Voting Poll Yes Yes Yes Yes
Audio Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discussion forums No No No No
Member-only pages No No No No
Rotas No No No No
Technical support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Forwarding email addresses Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price monthly £17.50 £21.50 £24.50 £29.50
OR price Annually



£294 £354


Extras / web address (2 year registration) £18.00 (Includes VAT)
.com / .org web address (1 year registration) £18.00 (Includes VAT)
Audio add-on £60.00 (Includes VAT) per 100 additional files
Custom banner design £75.00 (Includes VAT)
Customised Template Design £375.00 (Includes VAT)
Custom design including homepage £750.00 (Includes VAT)
Premium Design £1,500 (Includes VAT)