The benefits of having members has been taken even further by the use of groups. Online groups allow churches to create areas of the website which are only available to members of that group - in effect this creates mini-sites within the main website.

Each group has its own membership list, webpages, forum and photo albums. Members can be easily added and removed from a group through the Church Edit Global Office and only group members will be able to view the content for that group.

Unlimited Groups

Unlimited groups can be added to resemble the groups in your church. The possibilities for groups are endless!

Examples of how online groups could be used are :

  • leadership
  • cell leaders
  • musicians
  • children's leaders
  • men
  • ladies
  • youth
  • or a group for EVERY cell/home group in your church.
  • Group Webpages

Webpages added to each group are only available to the groups members. This means that information can be kept confidential from non-group members. And of course the webpages are created using the easy to use web-editor.

iKnow ChurchIf you are looking for a dedicated member management system then check out our sister solution iKnow Church which is packed with features for helping church admin and pastoral care.