Custom Website Designs

Custom Website Design £1000 Includes VAT

We’ll create a bespoke design for your church from scratch. If you have a clear vision for your site, we would love to help you create it. If you’re not sure yet, we’ll help you realise your plan.

Our designer will talk with your team to establish what you are after.  We’ll send you a mockup and you can let us know what you think!

The custom design will include your overall website look and the homepage design. The homepage design will incorporate your choice of widgets and dynamic content.  We will also create a mobile version of the design. This design service includes up to two sets of author’s amends.

Here are some examples of churches who have a custom design:


+ Multi church

Custom designs and Premium designs work well for multi church groups, like these examples! If your church is part of a group or team, ask us how we can help create a site that reflects that.  Here are some we have created: