Choosing Church Edit for your first church website

Are you looking to create your very first church website?

If you are looking to start your own website then you need look no further than Church EditChurch Edit is perfect for churches of all sizes looking to start their own website as it requires absolutely no technical knowledge. It is so easy that with Church Edit you can have a website up and running very quickly.

No Software to install

Church Edit is updated via a password protected website which means that you do not need to install any software – all you need is a computer connected to the internet. This means that you can also give other members of your congregation the password to updating the site allowing you to share the responsibility for keeping the website up to date.

Free Technical Support

Church Edit is extremely easy to use and many of our customers have never updated a website before using Church Edit. They have all found Church Edit as easy to use as software such as Microsoft Word.

if you ever do need any help with your Church Edit website then our friendly support staff are just an email or phone call away and will be happy to help. 

Why choose Church Edit

Church Edit has many benefits over other methods for creating your church website. From our vast experience of dealing with churches that have come to us we would always recommend Church Edit as the solution over the following alternatives:

Getting a web design company to develop website: Your church may have commissioned a website design agency to design and develop your website. This is likely to cost a lot of money and will be difficult for you to update. The web company will probably charge per update and even if it is a simple change, the update could take days or weeks for the web company to complete.

The benefit of Church Edit means that YOU are in control of updating your website: 24 hours a day you will be able to login and make a change.

Volunteers in the church: each month we have many churches coming to Church Edit after having tried using a volunteer in the church to update their website. Whilst there are some volunteers who have the spare time AND the skills to produce a website, it is very rare. Quite often the volunteer becomes too busy and the church website falls down the list of their priorities. The volunteer may also move away and then there is no one else who has the skills to update the website.

With Church Edit, this is never a problem as the website can be updated by anyone in the church and it does not matter if the person who is updating the site moves on as it does not require and specific training to use.

We have many churches all over the UK that have used Church Edit for their website and have very quickly seen the benefits of having an up to date website. Many customers tell us of how people have come to the church after searching the internet for a local church – a website can help your church to grow.

If you are at the stage of wanting a website for your church then why not read on about the many features of Church Edit or read some of our many satisfied customer comments.

We offer a free 30 day church website so your church can test drive Church Edit and see the many benefits that we have.

We also provide domain names as well so we can register the web address of your choice (ie

If you have any questions then talk to one of our UK based friendly staff today: 0121 651 11 20.

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