Images and church websites

Web pages should not just be about text but also contain images. It is good to have at least one image per page to break up the text.  

There are plenty of places to get images from - some of these are free, but some charge a small fee. The benefit of using one of these images is that they can also be used in church newsletters as well as your website.

Sources of images £7 each  £1.20 each £30 for 40 images from FREE FREE

WARNING: Do not take images from websites without permission including Google Images. These images may be copyrighted and by using them on your website you could be breaking the law.  Images brought from the websites listed above can be used in church websites.

If you are using your own photos for the church website then you may find out guide on compressing images useful.  We've also produced a guideline on using photos on church websites.

Video on the use of Images on Church Websites