Should my church use Facebook


Facebook LogoYes, Yes, Yes… With nearly 2 billion people on Facebook every month, Facebook can be a powerful place to help people engage and connect with your church.

Facebook is a great tool for connecting to the larger world and beyond your church’s network and community.  It reaches out to those who may be interested in your mission work, connecting you to many; advocates, organisational networks, business community networks, and social communities.

Facebook, like many social medias is great for broadcasting and driving traffic to your website but Facebook also has many other tools.  If your church is a registered charity or not for profit then you may have the privilege of additional features installed on your church’s Facebook Page.


Donate Button

All Churches are seeking donations and financial support and if your church is a registered charity then you need to grab people's attention whenever and wherever you can.  Facebook provides the facility to set up  a DONATE button on your Facebook page which can then link through to your website donation page. Make it easy for people to donate!

Events Promotion

If you are organising or promoting any events, Special Choir Service, Church Fun Day, Church Harvest Festival, whatever it may be, promote it using the Facebook Event option.  This allows you to schedule it into your Facebook posts as promotions and will notify all your Facebook followers.  It will also allow followers to tag the event if they are interested.  You; the church, can then see how much interest it has gathered providing additional promotion and it can help increase awareness and attendance at events as well as new followers and supporters.

Image with a cross saying thank you to all the team for helping outThank and Praise

Thanking members, donors, volunteers and praising fundraisers through your Facebook page can be awesome and can reach an even bigger audience through the share of a thank you message. You might want to upload a simple Thank You image which people can like and share.


You can upload videos to Facebook as simply as uploading an image. Make sure you video is in MP4 format. If you video your services you could upload them to Facebook.  Why not create testimonial videos of members and how God has helped them.

Create a thank you video, report back on the impact of specific fundraising campaigns and encourage your followers to share it.


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