Customer Testimonial | Vine Church, Cranbrook


Vine Church in Cranbrook were in need of a new website with a modern design that would reflect its relevance to the area that it serves. They approached Church Edit after hearing about our simple website builder and premium design service.

The team at Vine Church were looking for a contemporary website design but as they are based in a rural location, they wanted their website to reflect this, along with a clear expression of its family-centered congregation, being open, friendly and welcoming.

A bespoke design gave the Vine Church the ability to express its individual needs with the designers at Church Edit, who worked alongside the team in creating a design based on the vision of where the church is heading. The result was a highly visual design with soft imagery to create an open, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Imagery can be a powerful way to tell a story and so finding a strong lead photograph was key to the website being able to express the vision of the church. Vine Church wanted the website to encapsulate the simplicity of the message ‘Living in the power, truth and love of Jesus’ whilst communicating their desire to ‘see more’. The photograph chosen depicts a viewing platform, looking out over into a forest vista, with the sunlight streaming through, highlighting the beauty of the forest below.  


Vine Cranbrook


The church itself is situated in the English countryside with forests nearby, so the imagery used creates that link with their physical location whilst providing a visual representation of their vision and pursuit of ‘seeing more’ by delving further into what is available to us as Christians in the Spirit realm.

Pastor of Vine Church, David Goodchild, says that, “we sought to design our website to inspire and attract people who don’t currently attend church or walk with Jesus, so we have been especially encouraged by the excellent feedback we have received from some of our non-churched friends. We deliberately wanted a home page that would inspire people when they first arrive and we are happy that our new website delivers this well.”

The photograph nicely ties in with that desire of looking out and seeing more of God, whilst providing a sense of the community at Vine Church for newcomers.

David Goodchild says, “we enjoyed working with the design team at Church Edit. They interpreted our vision very well and we are especially delighted with how the website looks and functions on mobile devices – it is clear, vibrant and easy to navigate, even on a small phone. We have also found the website easy to change and edit ourselves which is important as we add new content. The team were always very helpful, flexible and demonstrated a good understanding of the online world. We would happily recommend Church Edit to anyone looking to express God’s vision for their church with the digital world.”

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