Church Edit - Websites for Church Made Easy!


Creating a website needn't be difficult, or daunting! With over 14 years of experience working with churches and helping them to create a website, we know how intimidating it can be for people to create their first website, to move an existing website, or to take on the commitment when the person who used to be responsible for the website steps down from the role.

That is why, as a Christian company, we are dedicated to making the process simple and to provide unparalleled technical support to ensure that your church is represented appropriately on the internet.

Church Edit software is created and developed in-house, by ourselves; we deal with all the technical details in the background, keeping your website secure so that you don’t have to worry about any risks.

Because responsibility for the church website is often passed around many individuals, with varying technical ability, Church Edit is designed to work in a similar way to a word processor, which most people will have a good understanding of, so that if one person starts the website as a project, it can then be easily passed along to someone else to run with, without anyone feeling overwhelmed by a lack of technical knowledge.

And because any new software, no matter how easy it is can take a leap of faith, our team are here on hand to provide you with all the patient support that you need! Our contact details can be found below.

To start creating a website is just a matter of a few clicks, once you have Setup a Trial Website with us, then you can simply create folders by clicking on ‘Add Folder’ and this will start creating a menu structure for your website navigation.

For ideas on what folders you should create, click here for Pages For Your Church Website.

Once you have a structure of folders set up, you will have created your website menus and then you can start adding in individual pages - easy, and no coding skills required!

To start adding pages into your folders, just click on the folders and then ‘Add Page’ button, and that is it, your website is now in motion, you can start getting as creative as you like without the worry and hassle of learning a vast of technical knowledge.

This video tutorial here will guide you through the process in a few minutes: Adding Pages to My Website. Don’t hesitate to call our team should you need help.

If you are considering Church Edit, take a look at our Why Church Edit Page or contact one of our team on 0121 651 1120 or email